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speaking english
written by shakir, August 03, 2009
hi i am shakir
written by Latif, August 04, 2009
kita herus terus belajar dengan bahasa inggris karena kalau tidak kita akan susah di masa depan smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/cheesy.gif
written by khalid, August 13, 2009
Good. smilies/grin.gif
written by ashinvisuddha, August 29, 2009
i want to know speaking english.
basic english speaking
written by jase, August 30, 2009
i want english speaking.
written by cici, September 18, 2009
i like speaking english smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/wink.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/tongue.gif
written by ariadne, October 02, 2009
I'm brazilian girl! i'm studying english, it's a little tough but i like it!
The greatest difficulty is speak and listen!
This site is very important, very good!!!!
smilies/wink.gif smilies/cheesy.gif
written by MARIE-Josee, October 23, 2009
How to do for share
written by MARIE-Josee, October 23, 2009
Thak you God, thank you every body whou facilite English learn
I want to speack, listen, and write in English . I HOPE TO know
Thank you Dear ALL
Thank you very much!
written by oldster, November 16, 2009
I feel that this course would be ideal. I like it very much!
this website helps me so much for teaching
written by Arif Dian Saputra, December 10, 2009
I think this website can be the reference for the teachers to teach english. my suggestion, i hope the content is added with complete explonation.

Thank You

Arif ( Indonesian )
written by manitaraki, December 21, 2009
Hello! I 'm Maria from Athens in Greece!!
I want to learn the Englich language and this site is very good, but it's very difficult for me to learn from here.
I do not mind though...
Γειά σας!!!! from Athens. smilies/grin.gif
written by Mr.kavi, December 24, 2009
I want to study English.
Plz help me.
written by Mohsan Maher, December 24, 2009
salam to allzz, i,m mohsan from pakistan,sialkot... i know the basic english but not known in that case i had visit much websites but i,m not satified any websit so may you would helped to me, because i,m knowing english to fulfil my hobby plus get for fun, so aware to me your point of views... take care Allah Khafiz smilies/tongue.gif
Engilsh Speaking
written by Chandrakant D. Sali, February 15, 2010
I want to Engilsh Speaking
written by Tushar Mehta, February 19, 2010
Nice to having a website like this.

I am sure my kids will like.

english teaching
written by shiv ram sharma, February 20, 2010
english teaching
written by hassan, March 07, 2010
my names hasaan iwant speak english very well who is help me thank u
written by jackieline takaya, March 15, 2010
hi.. im jackieline takaya im so glad because i found this website...i want to speak english very well. thanks
I want to learn english well
written by Anna, March 16, 2010
Nice to meet you!!!!
gud to find
written by ashu, March 23, 2010
hi this is ASHU from wen i found ur site,I am happy.It's a good cause
written by syeda iffat tanjin, May 02, 2010
I want to lern english.
want 2 learn english
written by sidiq, May 05, 2010
hello thank fro your good service
written by dhanraj, June 19, 2010

give information about english speaking Grammer in marathi


great website
written by Sopheak, June 25, 2010
HI I am Sopheak from Cambodia. It is great that i found this website by chance . I want to speak english properly with the right pronunciation and speak like the native speaker . It is my dream smilies/wink.gif

study English
written by Adella, July 09, 2010
hi every1 ..iam english is very horrible...plzz help mee....
hi, please help me
written by joe, July 14, 2012
hi all
I want to study english and i dont know at all , plz bring me advice !!!
written by free backgrounds , July 26, 2012
hey that's really a great post and i like this and thanks for sharing it with us!
written by Saed africa , August 27, 2013
my name is saed Africa I wanna to be new author so can you help me please how to write a new complete beginner English book thank you ......... smilies/smiley.gif
I need partner fof speak in english
written by Jacky, September 07, 2013
Hi everyone i'm jacky from i'm working in BMW. I would like to speak in english with skype id is jackyram1
speak english
written by josephine corimo, September 25, 2013
i would like to learn more speak english
written by Enat Yemaneberhan, September 25, 2013
hi my name is enat so i want leren engild by thid websit pls help me by any means thanks
wanna learn english
written by ANNIE, October 03, 2013
I want to learn English online.. kindly tell me how can i learn this?
Im bad in english
written by Belajar bahasa Inggris, October 20, 2013
I always have a bad score in english, specially in speaking!
i am bad in english
written by Belajar bahasa Inggris, October 20, 2013
i always have a bad score in english, specially in speaking ! smilies/sad.gif
i want new friends and talk or write in English..
written by Ema Lobli, October 20, 2013
hallo I'm new and I want new interesting friends.. want study English well smilies/smiley.gif
written by gracy, November 04, 2013
i want speak English very well. i think that it is useful for me
Thanks a lot
written by Hafez Ahmad, January 07, 2014
I am really happy for these posts and i think this site will also help to others.
want to ask
written by dafiq, January 18, 2014
is it okay if i say five after eleven is eleven past five?? 11:05??
I need help me
written by sana, January 29, 2014
hellow I am sana .from saudi arabya .I need speak English quiqly bacous I study Englis


written by sara, February 14, 2014
thanks for providing this information really it is helpful

english Conjunction
nice work
written by ielts essay school course, March 02, 2014
Thanks for sharing information it is very useful for study
written by alireza, May 23, 2014
thank you so much
with best wishes
written by Sniper, June 08, 2014
smilies/smiley.gif smilies/cheesy.gif wooooooooooow
written by priya, June 21, 2014
i m very impressed when i visit this page
thank u smilies/smiley.gifand one question what's the difference b/t "what about u? & how about u?
how can i learn good speaking ?
written by Charlie, June 23, 2014
hi i'm name is charlie.i from in vietnam. i wanna to learn good speaking, but i don't know learn how. so everyone can help me speak well smilies/smiley.gif thanks so much
written by majid, August 28, 2014
Hello, I am an English teacher. I found your site extremely useful. Unbelievable. The material you have provided could be of a great help in my classes. I also have an English teaching center and all my colleagues make use of these in their classes. Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

majid vedaei
contact me on for learning -Spoken/Speaking -)9415559345/09936149143
written by Dr Piyush k shukla, August 29, 2014
Dear friends
If you would like to learn/Speak/Sing/write/listen AmE&BrE in 90 dayz den contact mee Immediately at our no's-09415559345

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