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Learning English Grammar is fun and useful. This is a full list of grammar lessons including guides, tense usage, structures...
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written by behshid, January 28, 2008
I want to learn english, pleaze help me smilies/smiley.gif
written by susan, August 02, 2009
ppfff!!how difficult learning English.... smilies/cry.gif how ever, ur website so helpfully smilies/cool.gif
tx so mch,,,,
ehm ... i imagine,,, if 1 day i can understand English fluently as English people... he.he.he
written by Aida Negrete, August 03, 2009
I find grammar a little bit complicated and sometimes i got confused,I´d like to speak English fluenty.
written by Lisette, August 07, 2009
Hi, I want to learn practice of my writing cause i'm not good sentence and i do not understand what is mean a word of grammer, reading, and vocabulary cause it's so awful sentence mess up i also confused so can you help me improve from learn a lesson? i hope i can do my best as fast so i'm deaf sign languages....i just surprised i was looking for website is so very important the education i'm glad.

thankyou, write to me back soon.
say something
written by KIKY, August 09, 2009
this is good website for studying English seriously
my impresion
written by kiky from Indonesia, August 09, 2009
Hi. guys around the world
on this time I wanna tell u that by learning English using free English study is really fun, I get everything that we don't understand,so if u get many difficulties in studying English, just visit it, thanks.
from Mongolia
written by Tseka, August 18, 2009
Dear Free english study officer and all guys
I'm writting from Mongolia.I like this web site.My english language very bad but I'm trying as study every free time .Nom I'm working in Non Goverment Organization. I need to improve my englsih language from my work need.So I need and practice english comunication.I would like exchange as english language more information about women empowernment , domestic violence , low income household and gender equality etc....your home country . May,we will be exchanging other as type.Thank you, Regards, your Friends
written by phuhoang, August 22, 2009
my English grammar is awful,please help me
as a teacher.....
written by Alan, September 19, 2009
as an ESL teacher myself in America (I'm Irish though! haha) I find this website incredibly useful, not just for materials I can use in class but also to direct my students to for a bit of self-direct study! Thank you for this amazing resource!!
written by peter, October 13, 2009
This website has provided us with a quality content of teaching the many aspects of American Language. It is helpful, indeed, to use this website to refresh our knowledge on grammatical structures. You can use this as one of your references on grammar. I am Peter, a Filipino and an Online English Instructor for Koreans.
to download the exercises
written by sujatha, November 03, 2009
I am sujatha from India.Pl. kindly help me to download the exercises with answers.
I need study english
written by Abdel, January 05, 2010
1- grammer 2- Listening 3-speaking 4-Reading. thank you
my family
written by muhd rizwan, January 09, 2010
i want to study and iwant to copy my homework
need your help
written by neo, February 13, 2010
Is this correct?

"Item needs to be installed"
written by ea_seakheng, April 23, 2010
I like study english
written by Piruz Siavoshi, May 13, 2010
Learning anything needs spending enough time and constant attention, and patience.
Learning any language is not different. Indeed it demands more study and practice.

Some suggestions:
Keep on using a good dictionary, a grammar book, and take down notes on your notebooks. Systematic learning also requires going to language classes and having the help of teachers.

Nothing precious can be learned overnight in life!
written by Nishantha, May 25, 2010
I would like study English
I want Your help Pl...
Thank lot you
wanna ask
written by tesis, May 28, 2010
hi.... i'm tesis from banjarmasin, indonesia...nice can join ur website smilies/wink.gifit's truly helpful actually for those who are very interested in grammmar much but don't have a tutor. aaaand here's the place. i love ur website. but, just an input 4 u. it'll be more perfect if u provide the answer keys too 4 d exercises u've made.(^_^)/

btw, i ever found an interrogative sentence by using have, but it's not in present perfect context. it's in present tense.
e.g "have you a question?"
"have you a car?"
they should be "do you have a question?" and "do you have a car?", shouldn't they?
what dya think?
English Tutor
written by American ESL TUTOR, May 29, 2010
I am an American Business Professional. I live and work in America. I can help you MASTER English and learn about American Business. There are THOUSANDS of Amercian jobs that are outsourced to other countries EACH DAY. But you MUST know how to communicate!

I also have English pen-pals that are waiting to write you EACH day for written English practice.
English Study
written by Abdi, June 07, 2010
iam learn english fluenty
written by v srinivasan, June 16, 2010
i want to learn english grammer, vacabulary etc.
Thank you Free-English-Study
written by Natalie, July 12, 2010
I'm an american studying for my GMAT but never really understood English grammar and structures in school and I find your website very helpful.

Thanks again!
Enjoy the studying
written by Rosita, September 17, 2012
Yesterday, I think English is very difficult, but when I visit this website, I change my mind, I really enjoy this study, and I hope I can understand English very well also make communication with other people especially to reach my ambition to go to study in Australia, ameeeeennnn smilies/smiley.gif
written by B.Jafari Gorzin, December 20, 2013
Thank you very much. Your site is one of the best Learning English sites that I've seen.
written by Kelum Kanchana, December 28, 2013
This is a Very very good site for learn to English

english grammar and vocabulary test
written by Ganesh Suryawanshi, May 16, 2014
I am really impressed to get the site and most significantly how systematically English Grammar is introduced step by step .It is very useful to teach students by using the given methods .As a teacher I will follow it and refer to my students to visit the site. Thanks.

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