Too and Enough are used with adjectives and indicate degree. Too means more than necessary, and it precedes the adjective. Enough means sufficient and usually follows the adjective.

    He is too old to ride the Merry-Go-Round.
    She has too much money.

    Tony was tall enough to play on the basketball team.
    They were smart enough to pass the test.

    (NOT: enough tall)

    (NOT: enough smart)

Enough can also be used with nouns. In such cases, enough usually precedes the word it modifies.

    I have enough money for the CD player.
    I don’t have enough (money) for the computer.
    There aren’t enough people to make a team.

In some cases, enough can stand alone.

    I have had enough of this nonsense.
    Enough is enough!

Common problems include using very in place of too or enough.

    She is very young to drink alcohol.
    She is too young to drink alcohol.

    He is not very tough to play football.
    He is not tough enough to play football.