Academic Vocabulary List 1

Alphabetical list of words and meanings

Word Definition, meaning
alley a narrow passageway or street
appetite desire to eat
boast brag; say great things about yourself
cattle a general name for "cows"
drudgery hard, uninteresting labor
dull boring, not exciting; not bright or sharp
entirely on the whole
gigantic huge, large, enormous
goofy funny, silly
hatch break out of an egg
naked without covering or clothing
outraged upset, very mad
outskirts the suburbs, area around a city
peddler someone who sells things
portion small part or section
roam wander, walk around without direction
slim skinny; thin
struggle have difficulty doing something; fight
swell get bigger, enlarge
upgrade improve the quality of something

Note: These are general meanings for the words. You may encounter other definitions depending on context.
Check a dictionary for other meanings.

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