Academic Vocabulary List 9

Alphabetical list of words and meanings

Word Definition, meaning
adolescent a teenager
authenticity reality, certainty
cellophane a plastic wrapping
coffin a box in which a dead body is placed for burial
contemporary from the same time period
cracker a hard, salty, cookie-like food
devout very religious
dweller inhabitant, person who lives at a certain place
fantasy imagination, dream world
fascinating very interesting, exciting, fun
former the first of two things
galaxy a group of millions of stars
glance to look at something quickly
havoc a lot of trouble, chaos
latter the second of two things
opaque not transparent
perceive to sense (see, hear, smell, touch)
subsequent coming after, following
tipping giving extra money for services
wrap  to put paper around something (a gift) 

Note: These are general meanings for the words. You may encounter other definitions depending on context.
Check a dictionary for other meanings.