Academic Vocabulary List 2

Alphabetical list of words and meanings

Word Definition, meaning
affiliate associate as a member
analgesic something used to reduce pain
apiece each, individually
compensation payment for service, loss or expense
concoct create by combining various ingredients
confess admit to wrongdoing
crummy lousy, miserable, or worthless
curiosity desire to know; inquisitive interest
exile forced removal from one's country
fatal causing death
fugitive one who tries to escape, runaway
hemorrhage excessive bleeding
incident an occurrence or even; happening
juvenile young, immature, youthful
legitimate lawful, conforming to accepted standards
listless lacking energy or spirit
negligent failing to give proper care or attention
psychiatry branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders
qualm feeling of uneasiness, doubt or fear
sober not drunk; serious

Note: These are general meanings for the words. You may encounter other definitions depending on context.
Check a dictionary for other meanings.