Academic Vocabulary List 14

Alphabetical list of words and meanings

Word Definition, meaning
banknote paper money or currency
cope handle or deal with a difficult situation
dent weaken, lessen the value of something, usually by hitting
desperate without hope
ensure make certain, insure
exhausted extremely tired
gallery place where art is displayed for the public
generous giving unselfishly, usually large amounts
hop jump a short distance, sometimes on one foot
instinct natural or innate ability
lack absence, deficiency
lecturer a university professor
mathematics course subject dealing with numbers and calculations
perceive sense, notice, observe through the senses
province a designated political area within a country; similar to a state
punish impose a penalty for wrongful behavior
reinforce give support to, strengthen
significantly in an important or meaningful way
stow put something in a small space for storage
transfer  change vehicles or methods of transportation en route to one’s destination

Note: These are general meanings for the words. You may encounter other definitions depending on context.
Check a dictionary for other meanings.