Encouraging Words

Expressing Goodwill

. . .when someone is arriving


Welcome back!

Come in.

It's good to meet you.
(first time only)

It's good to see you again.
(after the first time)


. . . when someone is leaving

It's been nice talking with you.

Have a good/nice day.

Have a nice weekend.

Have a nice trip.

Have fun.

Keep in touch.



Good luck!

Good luck on your test.

You can do it!

Do your best.

Do the best you can.

Work hard.

Keep up the good work.



Take it easy.

Don't worry.

That's okay.

It's going to be all right.

Everything will be fine.

No problem.


Responses to good news


That's great!

That's wonderful.

That's really good news.

I'm glad/happy to hear that.


Good for you!

Good job!


Responses to bad news

That's too bad.

That's really sad.

That's terrible!
(for really bad news)

I'm sorry to hear that.
(for sad news)