Conversation Starters


General greetings and inquiries

    How's it going?

    How's everything?

    How's life?

    (This means "How are you?"
    "Where are you going?")

Asking about present activities

    What's up?

    What's happening?

    (What are you doing now?)

Asking and telling about recent events

    What's new?

    Guess what?

    (What interesting has happened since I last saw you?)

    (I want to tell you something. Ask me about it.)
    (The appropriate response to this is "What?")

    A: Guess what?

    A: I just got a new job.

    B: What?

    B: Congratulations!

Bringing up a serious topic

    Can I talk to you for a minute?

    Do you have a minute?

    Got a minute?

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written by alli, December 19, 2009
I want inprove my english speaking please help me
written by Irum fatima, April 01, 2010
I can not speak english in vry frequently....i want speak english very much better... smilies/smiley.gif
Commercial Specialist
written by majid, May 19, 2010
Dear Sir/Madam
The first,many thanks for your good site.
but i like to support our listening & Speaking, ergo, please help me.
many thanks for your cooperation.
thanks & best regards,
written by Manohar Mane, May 22, 2010
Really it's super.
I cont speak English fluently with speed.
What can i do sir?
Are we follow the the toics of your web site?
How can I speak inglish as a business men
written by Hatem Hussain, June 13, 2010
I think your site is the best to improve my english.Could you help me,please?
written by abdikarim farah, June 19, 2010
I am mr farah I stey in uk last 4yrs and I want to speak good english but now
I canot that and I want extra effort that is why i ask my teacher to give me
extra lessons.

learn english at home
written by meun noy, June 26, 2010
smilies/grin.gif learn english at home for practice
Hello Sir and Madam
written by thoeurm, July 21, 2012
i'm interesting this website ,because this website share knowledge that can give,who are want improve their English language,and i like this website too because when i have free time i always access this website and try listen English language.
and i want u help me ,what i do? just improve my English language.
learning english
written by farooq, October 09, 2013
i want to improve my english speaking
written by majda el marzouki, January 12, 2014

smilies/cheesy.gif that' my best thanks for this site majda el marzouki 18years
written by rakhi, January 29, 2014
is accepted by public agencies- legislative or executive- with regard to specific agenda items at public meetings. They also typically allow general comments on matters which are not on the agenda but are within their jurisdiction.

Thank You
written by amir mohammad nalbandi, June 07, 2014
i adore this website because i improve my self with this great site in whole of my life
please help me just little bit improve my english language thanks smilies/smiley.gif
improving my English
written by Fathi, October 01, 2014
My name is Fathi. I am from Libya
I would like to improve my English language, especially, listen and speaking. i am live in Huddersfield in UK from January 2014. so i am looking for about some one he or she can help me. we can get a coffee and talking about some things, also we can visit some places in UK.

I will be happy to spend time with you. do not late to contact me ^_^

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